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LES SORCIERS DU THEIL “III” digital EP – Tmd 010

Third chapter for the Theil’s Guild. Here are four improvised tracks recorded in august 2015, at the exact same period of time they did the Polyte Deshaies session, one year before. That’s the only common point with the previous recording, as this time the sorcerers celebrate a different kind of energy. Guided by their intuition and other invisible elements, after a « nuit blanche » of ceremony and maleficence. Enwrapped by the sweet morning light, they turn their improvised psych rock to a more « dub » development. Of course it’s not a question of wisdom, mischief is still on the agenda, as well as fuzzy guitars, groovy rhythmics, keyboards from the beyond, and ghostly vocals.


Artwork: Sylvain Etasse
Recorded by Bertrand Duchemin – Studio Chaudelande – August 2015.
Mastering by Mathieu Mellec.

June 2017, digital only Ep, available on bandcamp.
Tracklist :
1) Rempli de pierres.
2) Non sens.
3) Miroir.
4) Le bruit des chaînes.

MARSH CAVERN “Nuire” CS – Tmd 009

Solo guitarist Marsh Cavern returns with a 4 new songs tape recorded last february, nearly three years after the previous session. These tracks are less worried than before and could be described as a clair obscure sound. “Nuire” enfolds carefully the spirit and the thoughts like a distant time coming to present, like a landscape naturally made of recent and old elements. The distorded single guitar leaves space for both visual and auditory imagination. The guitar sound is more personal than in the previous recording. MC uses an early 70′s guitar amp that makes his sound more organic and authentic. The title “Nuire” must not be understood as its real meaning, but as a self-created verb which means “qui amène la nuit” / “bringing the night”.
Recorded by Bertrand Duchemin at Studio Chaudelande in february 2015.

Tracklist :
1) Dunbar.
2) Hiverné.
3) Partie 2 et fin.
4) Nuire.

Press 50 copies – June 2015 – Available. Digital version available on Bandcamp.


LES SORCIERS DU THEIL “Polyte Deshaies” 12″ – Tmd 008

Second reunion for LES SORCIERS DU THEIL, one year after the first one (released on tape last summer). The Sorcerers continue their improvised experience in a darker and heavier way. “Polyte Deshaies” presents 4 new tracks still based on instrumental psychedelic music. Monsieur Polyte Deshaies was the most famous sorcerers from Le Theil who lived at the beginning of the XIX century. He died in mysterious way after being accused of causing deaths in this remote region of the Normandy countryside. This time the waving and repetitive rythmic section was mixed with heavy guitars. Unexpected instruments such as vielloncelle and saz were also used. The spontaneous recording was brought by mutual energy. “Polythe Deshaies” is powerful and meditative time at once. The quartet has invited few long time friends to participate: Christèle Cavaleri, David Cosnefroy, Alice Dourlen, David Dupas, and Julien Louvet. Recorded by Bertrand Duchemin at Studio Chaudelande, the studio is located a few miles away from the Sorcerers village “Le Theil”.

Artwork by Sylvain Etasse.
Recorded by Bertrand Duchemin at Studio Chaudelande in august 2014.
Mastered by Mathieu Mellec.

Tracklist :
1) Trois suspendus.
2) Le gardien.
3) Hostie noire.
4) Retour à Barnavast.

Press: 300 copies – may 2015 – Available. Digital version available on Bandcamp.


ULTRA KABRON “s/t” CS – Tmd 007

Tamed records is happy to present the first discographic effort by our local noise maker ULTRA KABRON. It’s its first release even if he has played loads of shows. U.K has gradually added modular synth to is set up in his live performances. It’s now a major element of his analog sound process ;  an indisputable taste for alternation of ambient maybe delicate times, mixed with rhythmic and hustling parts. Broken melodies and unexpectable structure evolutions succeed. They make you forget where and when the travel has begun, and of course they make you forget to guess where it will bring you. U.K is like a sort of a non stop planet turning system, but with a different revolution each time. This tape includes 7 tracks for nearly 80 minutes of music. Pro dubbed tape CS.

Tracklist :
1) N.
2) O.
3) T.
4) D.
5) 3.
6) K.
7) C.

Press 100 copies – October 2014 – Available.



The first musical reunion of the congregation of sorcerers happened in summer 2013 at Studio Chaudelande. At this time they were four and they decided to perform their rites with rock instruments. The result is 6 improvised tracks with guitar, bass, synth, drums and a few overdubs to refine the recipe. This repetitive psychedelic music is not too far from the German 70′s bands, the actual psych scene and other interstellar music. Expect lots of obsessive rhythms sharing energy and pulling the mind out of the body. The inspiration of the quartet is taken from their native land, especially in trees and sea, and of course parallel forces… Pro dubbed tape CS 30.

Mastered by Mathieu Mellec.

Tracklist :
1) caplain.
2) chorizo.
3) eglan.
4) vallée des moulins.
5) tounette.
6) croix morel.

Press 70 copies – July 2014 – Available. Digital version available on Bandcamp.


MARSH CAVERN “2″ CS – Tmd 005

This is the second Marsh Cavern physical release. “2″ presents 6 tracks from two different recording sessions at Studio Chaudelande. Marsh Cavern is only a guitar, a heavy guitar with unexpected structures. Of course it takes its source where heavy sounds are used, but no really “rock” layout here. Marsh Cavern sounds more like an exploration into a cold landscape or like a strange telling.  A story with its own image and sentence. “2″ is a good example that minimalism can bring intensity and range. This is a pro dubbed tape with printed slipcase, CS 70 program repeated on both sides. Sleeve illustrated by Félicia Atkinson.

Recorded by Bertand Duchemin at Studio Chaudelande in may 2011 & july 2012
Illustration by Félicia Atkinson


Tracklist :
1) Dernière traverse.
2) Soixante treizième vague.
3) Vieil homme, vieille lame.
4) kōhaishita kaigan.
5) shield man.
6) floading road.

Complete listen on bandcamp or soundcloud
Press: 50 copies – november 2012 – Available




Sweden has always been a country that interested me musically. The noise / experimental scene is really active there nowadays. I discovered in the same time two great recordings by ALTAR OF FLIES and MIRRORS ARE BLACK (A.O.F. “Let New Life Rise in the Face of Death” CS and M.A.B. split 7″ with GAERRA). That’s simply how the idea of ​​a split was born. ALTAR OF FLIES presents here two new tracks, with “Fragments” (the longer piece) Mattias has created one of his most narrative piece, using subtly field recordings and sound ambiance, making a presence surround you and transforming your own universe when you’re listening to it. It makes you feel like you are discovering your own place for a new first time, or like you are being surprised by the arrival of an unexpected visitor. The result doesn’t sound really concrete or organic, it’s a more living noise, like a sound created, animating the things where it comes from. AOF starts his side by a sort of listener setting in, called “Attention please”. Of course the mixture is orchestred with pure noise elements as AOF has the secret : tape, electronics, reel-to-reel/tape-echo loop… On the other side MIRRORS ARE BLACK issues a three part heavy and subtle noise piece, using drone and avalanche of sound, like a wave that flows and rises you to the surface. MAB music suspends minutes and retains seconds, captures and releases. It does not sail on a quiet lake, powerful rhythms upset the landscape. MAB uses analog gears, textures that ensue. His music can sometimes reminds early days of indus/noise music (a track is called “Tesco Days” such a coincidence with an old british band…). On this track, Peter (who also plays in AMPH) affirms his solo project with his own spirit.


Artwork  by Henrik Wallin
Mastered by Viktor Ottosson

Tracklist :
1) Attention please (Altar of flies).
2) Fragments (Altar of flies) – (excerpt).
1) Tesco day (Mirrors are black).
2) At bethania (Mirrors are black) – (excerpt).
3) Girls who like camel (Mirrors are black) – (excerpt).

Press: 350 copies  – april 2012 – Available




GNOD “Chaudelande Volume II” LP – Tmd 003

Second and final part of the Chaudelande session, following the first volume. On this lp GNOD brings us higher in their heavy cosmic trip with 3 songs which are focused on their heavy space rock side (or space punk maybe ?). This record makes you feel like all your bones are being gripped by electric hands and that your mind is evaporating in a percussive trance. GNOD manipulates fire and wind and doesn’t let yourself control anything but puts you under hypnosis that reveals your old tribe remembrances. Certainly the closest recording to GNOD live sound, if you had the chance to see them playing live, you know what it means. This is the second chapter of what was a real collaborative experience for us at Tamed records. PRE-ORDER NOW !!!


Cover photo by Chris Haslam, Karl McKenna
Recorded by Bertand Duchemin at Studio Chaudelande in april 2011
Mixed by Karl Svensson at Queens Ark Audio
Mastered by Paul O’Brien at Pobaudio

Tracklist :
1) Man on wire – (excerpt)
2) Entrance – (excerpt)
3) Genocider – (excerpt)


500 copies on black vinyl – August 2012 – Available

500 copies on white vinyl – february 2012 – Sold out




CHICALOYOH “Les fantômes sortent des racines” 7″ – Tmd 002

First vinyl release for local solo artist Alice Dourlen, “les fantômes sortent des racines” presents two new tracks which always combine multi-instruments and haunted vocals. Chicaloyoh has already released several tapes on Brave Mysteries, Digitalis and Bumtapes. This time Chicaloyoh changed its creative process : no loops were used but only live recordings creating a dynamic result, with richer arrangements and a more complex and evolutive writing. Chicaloyoh integrated more drums than before, and for the first time, rythmic bass parts. On “les fantômes sortent des racines” Chicaloyoh well develops its nice sense of spread melody, like a contemplation chant sung by wraith. If you’ve being charmed by Inca Ore or Pocahaunted, don’t be afraid to follow this new priestess. When the sun goes down it’s not easy to know if the forest will help or annihilate you, pursued by ghosts, surrounded by living roots. Recorded at her home in the Normandy countryside : studio chaudelande.

Artwork by Alexandra Waliszewska.
Recorded by Bertand Duchemin at Studio Chaudelande in july 2011
Mastered by Antoine Quoniam in september 2011

Tracklist :
1) Ghost runs – (excerpt)
2) God saves – (excerpt)

Press: 300 copies on red vinyl – november 2011 – Sold out



Gnod Chaudelande Volume 1

GNOD “Chaudelande Volume I” LP – Tmd 001

Formed in 2006, mancunians GNOD started their last european tour to date by spending a couple of days in the Studio Chaudelande, a small house made of bricks and passion, somewhere in the Normandy countryside (France). They recorded new songs that are now released as a two volumes LP serie on Tamed Records. “Chaudelande Volume I” contains three songs which demonstrated the multi-faceted universe of GNOD. From the heaviest spacerock parts they ever recorded to meditative neo-folk mantra influenced moments of calmness and introspection, this new recording marks a new step in GNOD cosmic procession. Double bass guitar, percussive heavy drum, that met sound of bell.Some quite part were recorded outdoor between birds and trees, that give a timeless mood to the record. Result shine like a versatile light, eyes burn by the moonlight and the twilight.

“Chaudelande Volume I” is the first release on Tamed Records schedulded for october the 20th and we’re happy to start the adventure with such a great record !

Front cover photo by Chris Haslam, rear cover painting by Alice Dourlen
Recorded by Bertand Duchemin at Studio Chaudelande in april 2011
Mixed by Neil Smith and Gnod at Rhytmyc
Mastered by Paul O’Brien at Pobaudio

Tracklist :
1) Tron – (excerpt)
2) Vision of load – (excerpt)
3) The vertical dead – (excerpt)


500 copies on white vinyl – July 2012 – Available

500 copies on white vinyl – october 2011 – Sold out