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Artists / Bands


ALTAR OF FLIES is Mattias Gustafsson from Mjölby (Sweden). His work is based on sounds manipulation from different sources (analog synth, tapes, field recordings, electronics, effects, vocals…) which make animated sound sculptures and ambiances. AOF started in 2006 and has already an impressive discography, particularly two albums released on finest swedish labels Ideal Recordings and Release the Bats. Mattias also runs a record label called Hästen & Korset that carries his own music projects and other artists like Jean-Louis Huhta, Henrick Rylander, Darksmith, etc…. AOF develops its own style between original indus, concrete and harsher noise. (pics by: Phillip Stearns)


CHICALOYOH is the Alice Dourlen solo project, a music between soundscape exploration and intimate contemplation. CHICALOYOH is a mix of guitar, keyboards and percussions from distant and various horizon. CHICALOYOH is a one woman band that will attract those who like the priestesses singings of INCA ORE or ZOLA JESUS. CHICALOYOH has a collaboration with HIGH WOLF  called WOODOO MOUNT SISTER, and toured with him this year. CHICALOYOH has already released tapes on Bumtapes, Dial square tapes, and lately on Clay Ruby (Burial Hex) label’s Brave mysteries.

CHICALOYOH est le projet solo d’Alice Dourlen ; à mi-chemin entre exploration de paysages sauvages et recueillement intimiste : guitare, vagues de clavier et autres percussions aux sonorités lointaines forment tour à tour des ambiances minimalistes ou plus marquées. Les voix hantées sortent du brouillard, portées par des rythmiques psychédéliques évadées du temps. Un projet qui séduira sans aucun doute celles et ceux qui ont été happés par le chant des prêtresses d’INCA ORE ou de ZOLA JESUS. CHICALOYOH collabore aussi avec HIGH WOLF dans WOODOO MOUNT SISTER. HIGH WOLF avec qui elle a d’ailleurs effectué une tournée en mai dernier. CHICALOYOH a déjà quelques sorties CS à son actif notamment sur les labels Bumtapes, Dial square tapes et tout dernièrement sur Brave Mysteries label de Clay Ruby (Burial Hex).


GNOD is a musical collective from Manchester, formed in 2006, the band has already toured a few times in Europe and a have dense discography composed of records on labels like Not Not Fun, Rocket Recordings, Sonic Meditations or Blackest Rainbow… They also collaborated with New Yorker WHITE HILLS. Their music is varied but its never far from psychedelism : cosmic improvisation, transcendental space rock… a travel going from mind to body.

GNOD est un collectif de Manchester, formé depuis 2006 , le groupe a déjà effectué plusieurs tournées européennes et possède une discographie dense avec des sorties sur des labels comme Not not fun, Rocket Recordings, Sonic Meditations ou Blackest rainbow… Ils ont également collaboré avec les New Yorkais de WHITE HILLS. Leur musique est variée sans jamais sortir du psychedelisme : improvisation cosmique,  space rock transcendantale, un voyage tour à tour pour l’esprit et le corps.


Marsh Cavern comes from the Cherbourg peninsula (France). MC is not a band, it’s a guitar soloist is beyond this name and he’s inspired by different kind of musics, between Psychedelic, folk, doom and avant garde music. The result created are a sort of dark and appeased vibes, like worried but quiet landscape. Tracks are sometimes musical, narrative or more into arid, disturbing ambiance, with completely assumed solo form restricted possibilities.  Marsh Cavern released its debut ep two years ago on the awesome Kaugummi.


MIRRORS ARE BLACK is the solo project of Peter Henning from Malmö (Sweden). He puts noise in the dark side, MAB causes arrhythmic avalanche of analog sounds, tapes manipulations, feedbacks… MAB creates some really organic and dynamic orchestrated pieces, rendering of 80 european noise artist but with an undeniable personal and actual feeling. MAB was invited to be a part of the Solförmörkelse 7 inch serie which is focused on Malmö experimental artists. Peter also plays in the duo AMPH and runs the tape label Sprachlos Verlag. MAB is still a well kept secret of the swedish noise scene, but not for a long time.